Cate Blanchett Celebrated Her Oscar In An AWESOME Way (With Amy Adams!)

rexusa_1926334chPhoto: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
There are so many things Cate Blanchett could have done to celebrate her best actress Oscar. She could have spent the day in bed, Oscar by her side, nursing a hangover. Or, she could have taken her statuette for a hike up Runyon Canyon because how else is he going to stay in shape? Perhaps she could have gotten a tattoo of her Oscar, so that every time she leaves the house without him, he'll still be with her.
Well, it looks like Blanchett chose the third option, and decided to get inked with her pal Amy Adams in tow. (Did Amy get inked, too? Did they get hers-and-hers finger tats?)
Okay, let's back up a sec. Cate Blanchett obviously didn't get an actual tattoo of her Oscar because that would be grossly self-involved and that's just not how the lovely Cate rolls. Instead, she probably chose something to commemorate her recent career milestone. A Blue Jasmine, perhaps? Woody Allen's glasses? A slice of pizza?
For now, we'll just have to wait until the bandage comes off Blanchett's wrist. Or, we can ask Amy Adams, who was spotted with Blanchett, leaving The Shamrock Social Club tattoo parlor in West Hollywood yesterday, with both of their significant others. Unfortunately, we don't know Amy Adams. So, yeah, we'll just wait for that bandage reveal. (The Cut)

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