Kim Kardashian And The Blackface Vienna Opera Incident

kim_embedPhoto: REX USA/Willi Schneider.
There is, apparently, some sort of weird, non-discussed, slightly seedy side of celebrity that involves gorgeous ladies being paid to escort wealthy foreign businessmen to international cultural events, sometimes, though not always, for charity. It has happened before. It will happen again. And when it does happen, things get weird.
And, not like the laugh-it-off kind of weird, but that side-eye, tilted-head kind of weird.
Let's take last night's Vienna Opera Ball as an example. It all began with a reported $500,000 paycheck from Richard Lugner, a billionaire businessman keen on having Kim K be his arm candy for the event. (This is not the first celebrity who has done this. Past years include: Dita von Teese, Farrah Fawcett, and Raquel Welch.) She obliged, donned a sheer halter top with a strategically placed cross pattée, and went through the motions one goes through at those kind of functions. TMZ reports that Lugner tried to ditch security to be alone with the soon-to-be-wed celeb and copped a feel. That's just the beginning, though, folks.
Warning: Black face photo ahead.
Things got even stranger, according toTMZ, when a ball staffer (Editor's note: Now revealed to be an Austrian comedian) allegedly approached Kim in blackface, and pretended to be Kanye West. He wanted to dance and remix West's track with Jay Z, "Ni**as In Paris," as “Ni**as In Vienna.” Like anyone else would do, Kardashian left early, which prompted Lugner to say she was "annoying." Now, correct us if we're wrong here, but getting groped and approached by someone making fun of your fiancé in racially offensive garb warrants an early least. We'll know soon enough how it went down, because this was all caught on tape since the world likes to, well, keep up with her.
A photo has now surfaced of the comedian (seen after the jump) in blackface surfaced on Facebook, who apparently thought he looked like West. So much no. (TMZ)
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