This Might Be The Absolute Best Thing Your FitBit Can Do

fitbit-1Photo: Courtesy FitBit.
Thinking of sending your poor, little FitBit back to its maker after that somewhat alarming recall? Just hold on one sec here while we add a little wonder into your life.
Now, on top of capturing your heart rate, miles walked, and other key metrics, your FitBit can pause your Netflix when you've fallen asleep while bingeing on Luther. That's right, using the fitness band's sleep-monitoring functionality, some brilliant programmers at Netflix’s internal 24-hour Hack Day came up with what might be the healthy TV addict's favorite extra.
Here's the catch: This hack is not technically available to the public at large. But, man, it should be. Lord knows we're not going to stop watching Downton until we collapse any time soon. And, if we're putting in requests, it'd be great if the Netflix wizards could work up a way for the band to set our alarm, brush our teeth, and tuck us in, too. For now, let's hope this latest trick is released in a replicable form soon. Click over to TechCrunch for even more wacky hacks. (TechCrunch)

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