8 Movies That Should Have Claimed Best Picture

We're nearing the end of awards season and everyone's thinking about that shiny, gold man whose very name has come to represent all things Hollywood: Oscar. And, while the show is sure to be a spectacle, the Academy's Best Picture award has become the category to watch. (Some people only tune in to catch that one announcement at the very end.) Aside from boasting top creative talent in the field, the nominees actually represent the current cultural zeitgeist by encompassing the issues that have defined the year. And, between movies dealing with lost astronauts, the AIDS epidemic, slavery, and quaaludes, we've got quite a year to reflect on this season.
But, before we do that, let's explore the flicks that Oscar snubbed. Honestly, how did Shakespeare in Love beat out Saving Private Ryan? Why did Crash win over every other film in the coveted category? We're not the Academy, so we don't have the official answers, but we do have feelings — many, many feelings — on the unfortunate losers. Join us on a cinematic adventure through time, and let us know which awards you'd rescind if you could rewrite history.

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