Discover Your Most Valuable Twitter Follower With The Click Of A Button

twitterPhoto: Courtesy of Twitter.
If you've ever wondered which of your followers gives you the most love on Twitter, well wonder no more. SocialRank is a brand new tool designed to help you rank your most valuable and engaged Twitter followers based on some very specific data.
And, while the service can be a frivolous way to measure the worth of your friendships, it turns out SocialRank can also be an extremely valuable tool for major brands.
The genesis of SocialRank goes something like this: Two years ago, start-up employees Alex Taub and Michael Schonfeld were on the brink of a major viral success thanks to Most Valuable Follower, which helped users determine their most influential Twitter followers.
The service was an instant smash, with over 50,000 people using it right out of the gate. But, to the fault of myriad technical glitches, the success was short-lived, and Taub and Schonfeld took their talents to the payment start-up, Dwolla.
Of course, it wasn't long before brands began contacting the duo about possibly bringing the service back. They listened. After nearly two years at Dwolla, Taub and Schonfeld left the start-up and turned Most Valuable Follower into SocialRank. The service uses a specific set of data points, like how often a user tweets and favorites your tweets, and how many people that user follows, to determine their value.
This kind of information can prove valuable to companies like GoPro and Spotify, who have already struck deals with SocialRank and plan on rewarding their best followers with promotions and giveaways.
Just when we thought nothing could make Twitter any more fun: Twitter with prizes. (The Verge)

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