Video: The New Godzilla Trailer Will Break Your Eyeballs

The first trailer was just a little tease. This baby is as big and bad as the titular monster itself. Godzilla's full-length trailer, which just dropped this afternoon is a veritable circus of pounding percussion and CGI destruction. It also gives us a much better view of both the plot and the giant lizard.
As you can see for yourself in the video below, parts of Japan, San Francisco, and the more inland Las Vegas are all slated for destruction. As well, it gives us a peek into Bryan Cranston's role as a rather indignant scientist of some sort. Let it never be said that Bryan Cranston is bad at indignant.
As for the big beast, the trailer still doesn't give us a full view of its star. We're guessing we'll have to wait to buy a ticket for that (which we will). That said, as it steps on buildings, turns over naval destroyers, and swats fighter jets out of the sky like teeny-tiny little flies, we're getting a very good idea of Godzilla's scale. Keep your eyes open for a our favorite lizard's first face shot and an interesting bit of revised Cold War history. We'd tell you to listen for its roar, but it's kind of unavoidable. Enjoy!
Video: Via YouTube.

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