DDP: Spring's Hottest New Yoga Trend?

07greenmonkey-13_JustinNamonPhotographed By Justin Namon.
Hopelessly bored with your yoga class? We know how that is. There are only so many times you can go through the same routine with the same instructor and the same sweaty people around you before completely losing whatever zen you used to get from your practice.
If this is you (and it's definitely us), it may be time to try something outside of your basic crow-pose comfort zone. And, we think we've found just the thing. DDP Yoga is making the rounds on the Internet and the talk-show circuit, and we have to say we're intrigued. Founded curiously enough by former pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, the program is designed to be just as therapeutic and low-impact as standard yoga, while incorporating principles of dynamic resistance to increase fat burn. While the standard inversions and many of your favorite poses are all here, this is a workout for people who don't naturally gravitate towards yoga, but could benefit from the gentle pacing and increased flexibility.
Check out the video below for a little taste. It bears mentioning here that the company's tagline is, "It Ain't Your Mama's Yoga."

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