Jessica Chastain Just Joined Instagram

rexusa_1894753ikPhoto: Jim Smeal/BEImages.
The Oscar-nominated star of The Help, Zero Dark Thirty, and other high-quality entertainment just joined Instagram the other day. Like all of us making doe-like first steps into the fast-paced realm of social media, Chastain is starting slow.
As a matter of fact, the actress only has a picture of Charlie Chaplin and a fuzzy, fuzzy image of herself on the phone at the Art Gallery of Toronto on her account right now. While there are no photos taken by Chastain yet, we are hoping to see a glimpse into her personal life. (Hopefully some backstage shots of Between Two Ferns? Because that was the best.)
Well, at least she's got some killer quotes by Chaplin and Einstein, so maybe she's just getting warmed up. Chastain has always been very private with the media, so here's hoping that Instagram may be the perfect way for her to provide people who love her (like us!) a peek into who she is without giving away too much. So far, the app has been a great way for celebs like her to have a positive public voice, without having their personal lives invaded.
Now, Jessica, bubele, if you need some tips on Instagramin', composition, filters, and such, just reach out. We're pretty good at it, if we do say so ourselves.
chastain-1Photo: Via @chastainiac/Instagram.Via @chastainiac/Instagram.

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