One Editor’s Obsession: Stormy Gray Nail Polishes

So, we all have our "thing," right? Whether it's red lipsticks, dry shampoos, or perfumes, most ladies that I know have one beauty product that they can't help but hoard. Well, my beauty obsession is weirdly specific: I go absolutely weak in the knees for gray nail polish. I just can't resist. (As my lovely and talented colleague, Gabrielle Korn, described it to our editor: "You should hear the poetry that comes out of her mouth whenever something is gray-ish.")
I'm not sure why exactly I'm so drawn to these neutral shades. They're not as eye-catching as red, and they're not as exciting as spangly glitter polishes. But, there's just something so soothing about gray — it probably isn't a coincidence that I tend to prefer overcast days over blindingly sunny ones. The color makes me feel reflective, cozy, and calm — plus, wearing it on my nails makes me feel like a bit of a moody and fashionable badass. What's not to love?
Thankfully, gray nail polish has become a trend that just won't die, and it seems that over the past couple of seasons, almost every nail-polish brand out there has added one or two stormy shades to their lines. Meaning, I can indulge my obsession with a slightly different shade of storm cloud every week. Click through to check out some of my favorite picks, and tell me: What's your beauty weakness?

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