How To Be A Bad Gal: A Rihanna Birthday GIF(T) Guide

Let us all take a moment of silence to honor the divine pop goddess that is Rihanna. She begins her 26th year of life today, and we're rihlly psyched about it. She may not be a role model, but she's a force to be reckoned with. This self-proclaimed bad gal is the poster child for not giving a damn.
To some, she is a queen. To others, she's a fashion muse. Alexander Wang recently told Vogue: "There is no one else that excites me more." Indeed, the Rihanna effect is exciting — if not intimidating. Her no-holds-barred approach to living spans from style to personality; one that we, no matter what Beyoncé says, all don't wake up like on the reg.
So, in honor of RiRi's B-day, we thought it only appropriate to explore what it means to be bad (through GIFs, obviously). Rude gal, bad gal, good gal: Choose your poison and live it. This is your truth. You might not wake up like this, but talk that talk; talk it loud and be unapologetic about it. There's love to be found in a hopeless place. The Rihanna Navy salute you all.
Step 1: Don't merely wake up; rise, instead.
Opening Photo: via @badgalriri.
Step 2: Command the streets. Command the commute.
unnamedPhoto: Courtesy of ABC.
Step 3: Simply entering a situation is boring; a bad gal arrives.
Step 4: A modest sense of cockiness trumps the "who, me?" kind of shock. (You own the world, after all.)
Step 5: Hone the "What's it to you?" mentality.
Step 6: Ladies, well, you know, just brush your shoulders off.
Step 7: Put the haters in their place with your mere presence.
Step 8: Master this mouth trickery.
Step 9: It's mandatory to snap #selfies. Snap them every day.
Step 10: Do not, under any circumstances, put up with plebeians.
Happy birthday, Bad Gal RiRi

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