International Disaster! IKEA Discontinues EXPEDIT Bookshelf Line

ikea-expeditPhoto: Courtesy IKEA.
It's the end of an era, friends. No, really. See, for the last generation or so, lovers of vinyl, design, books, and, well, things, have counted on IKEA's simple, ubiquitous, and (crucially!) cheap EXPEDIT bookshelves to store their dodads. Come April 1, however, IKEA will be replacing the old standby with their new, equally unpronounceable KALLAX model, while the EXPEDIT slowly goes out of stock and into history.
While you may not lament the death of the fiberboard icon, many are. Over the last day, social media and the internet at large have erupted with a bright, red furor. "The world is ending," said one Tweet. "CAN TODAY GET ANY WORSE? #JamesFranco #IKEAsorrow," said another. Indeed, multiple Facebook pages — mostly supported by vinyl collectors — have already risen in an effort to save the EXPEDIT. But, it seems, to no avail. For some very good reasons, KALLAX is the future whether we're prepared for it or not.
So, if you are concerned, now is the time to grab yourself a few online. Finally, on a personal note, not only does this writer own multiple EXPEDIT bookshelves, but when this company was a wee little baby in a subbasement, we turned to EXPEDIT to house our lookbooks, magazines, and office stereo. Goodbye, EXPEDIT. You've touched us all. (Business Insider)