Are Heidi Klum & Seal Back Together?

rexusa_747282aiPhoto: Rex USA.
We don't know, are they?
No, seriously, it appears it's time to start speculating — and possibly hoping — that one of the best couples of the aughts is back together. Seems Australian site CelebrityFix is claiming that the two have been enjoying "sleepovers" since Klum broke up with her most recent boyfriend and ex-security guard Martin Kristen in late January. To quote sources: "In the end, the couple decided to co-parent a lot more...that turned into long dinners at the house, longer stays with the kids and then sleepovers. They’re even kissing in front of the kids now. It’s very much back on.”
Now, first off, someone needs to tell CelebrityFix and its sources that adults don't have "sleepovers." They may, sleep over, but they don't have "sleepovers." Secondly, given that Seal and Klum have been fairly chummy with each other since their 2012 breakup, it wouldn't surprise us at all if he crashed over at her place once in a while after a day spent with their children. Finally, we hate reporting news that involves "sources." "Sources" are so often wrong. "Sources" are awful.
That said, much of what "sources" have said about this couple has come true. As well, Klum and Seal were just a wonderfully cute, goofy couple — the kind you invite over for charades or Apples to Apples. Basically, this is just a rumor, but it's one of those rare rumors we wish were true. Love seems to be in the air this week, so we're going to keep an eye on this one. (StyleCaster)

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