Kate Upton Hits The Zero-G Spot For SI‘s Swimsuit Issue

Sorry Lady Gaga, but Kate Upton's gone and done the whole zero-gravity performance act before ya. (Though, we'd wager Gaga would be wearing slightly more clothing than America's buxom girl next door.)
Upton gets not one, but two features in Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit edition. There's the regular 'ole swimsuit editorial, which landed her a casual cover (albeit the back of the mag's cover), and then there's the zero-g one. Kick whatever image you might have of Kate Upton weightlessly flying around a padded room out of your head because it's so much better than that. Actually, wait, the image you have is probably exactly what appears in both the video and the glossy pages of Sports Illustrated. It's as ridiculously cool as it sounds. (Plus, the Target Limited Edition suits are lookin' pretty fly — pun intended.)
How Upton kept everything contained is a mystery we'll never solve, but that's beside the point. Or, is it? Perhaps this is Sports Illustrated's way of trolling us, showing how versatile its go-to cover gal is. Well, boys, it's working — man, is it working.
kate_suit_04Photo: Courtesy of Sports Illustrated.

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