Ryan Gosling Wants To Kiss You For V-Day

Ryan_embed-1Photo: Courtesy of KissingRyan.
Happy Valentine's Day. Here's your chance to fulfill that daydream, night dream, forever dream known as kissing Ryan Gosling. Not to be confused with that 2001 movie Kissing Jessica Stein, KissingRyan.com takes the search out of searching for the perfect romance. All you need is a webcam. There's no PR gal or lad to fight off, Hollywood hoops to jump through, or the lingering fear of the paparazzi shooting you and waking up to find you're the cover star of some newsstand tabloid. (Though, kissing the Gos isn't the worst way to begin your 15 minutes of fame.)
Locking lips with The Notebook's Noah does come with the challenge of aligning yourself just right. But, when you do, the results are magical. It's as if Mercury decided to ditch going retrograde in your favor. Thanks, Internet, and thank you stars for aligning just right so a silly dream can blossom into a (virtual) reality.
An example of how it should be done follows the jump. Happy kissing!
Ryan_embed-2Photo: Courtesy of KissingRyan.

“Every great love starts with a great story...” — The Notebook. Thanks, Nicholas Sparks! Ryan and I met online. How crazy! Thanks KissingRyan.com.

— Hayden Manders, testimonial


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