Ryan Gosling's Films Ranked According To Smug Factor

Hey girl, we know it's a scorcher out there, but it's about to get 12 degrees hotter (prepare accordingly). The Internet has bestowed upon us a Ryan Gosling list for the ages: The Ryan Gosling Smugness Barometer. In every film Gosling stars in, he embodies each character with such refinement that it's difficult to see where the character begins and Gosling ends. That's a good thing, though. It's a sign of a great actor. Could Gosling have achieved the absolute zero of acting? The Tribeca Film fest's ranking of Gosling's smuggiest films works to prove that point.
It doesn't matter if he's playing an addicted junior high teacher or a cocky womanizer, Gosling somehow manages to work in varying levels of the eerily quiet, dopey-eyed, self-satisfying antihero archetype. It's what keeps us obsessed intrigued. It's what makes our hearts flutter at the mention of his name — just who is Ryan Gosling? We're going to continue combing this list for answers, chime in if you come across any. (Tribeca Film)
Photo: Courtesy of Bold Films.

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