White Hinterland’s “Ring The Bell” Makes The Blizzard A-Okay

It only seems right that we're premiering White Hinterland's new music video for "Ring The Bell" on the day New York City is in the midst of yet another snowpocalypse. Though, if we could choose our own snowy adventure, we'd much rather be in the winter wonderland Hinterland's Casey Dienel traverses through.
"Ring The Bell," the first single off White Hinterland's upcoming album Baby (out April 1) is bliss. Horns, cymbal crashes, and synths make for a lush soundscape. It stands on its own in a genre unique to Dienel. She's got the eccentric look of iamamiwhoami, the pop of Oh Land, and the powerhouse vocals of Duffy.
The video itself, directed by Dan Huiting, plays out like some mystical dream. "Truth is, for a long time I resisted putting myself too forward in the visual side of White Hinterland," Dienel told Refinery29, "but with this record, I'm so proud of the work that I feel I don't have any reason to hide any longer. I relate to music more on a visual level than a technical one, and besides, making videos is the fun part." Hey, there's nothing more fun than painting yourself in white and throwing around flour and/or exploring ice caves. Plus, when it's set to a song that's as infectious as "Ring The Bell," well, there's no topping it.
Opening Photo: Derrick Belcham.

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