Watch This Woman Use Makeup To Age, Die, & Be Reborn

Update: The artist reached out to me via Twitter and sent this amazing version of her video. Thanks, Emma!
When you see as much makeup as we do, it's a little easy to get jaded. You've seen one cat-eye, you've essentially seen them all. But, when something like, say, this woman's aging makeup project on Reddit comes along, you drop the eyeliner and pay attention. Watch as she uses the power of makeup to slowly age, die, and be reborn. It's powerful stuff.
We live in a society that fears aging every step of the way. We use layers of fluids and powders to mask the process of time, erasing its footprints on our faces. This woman uses makeup to highlight the evolution, in rather vivid detail. What she's created is strangely beautiful, and it's an interesting comment on our fears. (Reddit)
For a still version of each step, click to the next page. It's totally worth it.

What if we celebrated the flow of life by using makeup to celebrate it rather than hiding it? What say you on this?
Photo: Via Reddit.

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