How Not To Screw Up Your Skin When You Sleep Over

Whether impromptu or planned, there's no denying the excitement over spending the night at the home of your latest crush. Adult sleepovers, if you will, are great, but what about your skin? If you've been battling blemishes or have finally convinced your pores to look darn near invisible, you don’t want to completely ditch your skin-care routine just because you were feeling frisky.
Nor do you want to stuff your entire regimen in your bag on the off chance you might get lucky, Daft Punk-style, while out on the town. And, even if you've gotten to that point in the relationship where you're able to bring along complexion necessities, you're probably not going to jump under the covers dotted in Mario Badescu's Drying Lotion.
The good news is that the chances of your face going south after a night without your favorite products are slim. That said, there are some covert things you can do at your date's place to make sure you don't undo all of your hard work. Besides, the less time spent in the bathroom primping, the more time to spend with your date! Click on through for our guide to sexytime sleepover skin care.

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