Which Of These Couples Is The Next Brangelina?

When we think power couples, our minds turn to Brad and Angelina, Brad and Jen, or really, Brad Pitt and anyone who happens to be standing next to him at the time. Still, as long as the A-list has existed, its members have been flirting, dating, and even procreating. We don't doubt that many of these matchups have been based on a very real love (or lust). But, there's no denying that shacking up with a fellow It Guy or Girl can be beneficial for your star rating — and your wallet.
We'll always be awestruck by the Beckhams and the Brangelinas of the world, but it's time for a new guard of coupledom to claim their spot as Hollywood's top twosome. While many vie for Power Couple status (we see you, Kristen and Dax!), only a few are destined to be royalty. These eight teams are poised to topple the old guard any day now. So long as they can stay together, that is.

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