Here’s Where Women Make The Most Money

1Photo: Courtesy of San Jose.
We work for a lot of reasons. We gain satisfaction from a job well done, we love a challenge, and our office has free bagels. But, at the end of the day, we all need to get paid. And, sadly, for women, getting salaries equal to men is still trickier than it should be.
So, Forbes did a little digging. Unfortunately, no city in the U.S. has completely matching pay for men and women — but some cities are hugely more fair than others. And, certain cities simply pay women a much higher wage. The finance mag looked at median incomes for women working full-time and found that the highest paid ladies reside in none other than San Jose, CA. The averages came out to $56,000 a year, which was nearly triple the lowest paid city (Laredo, TX, at $24,700).
If you're looking for the fairest salary (but not necessarily the highest), head to S.F., where women make 84% of what men do on average. Other cities rounding out the top five include the D.C. metro area; Bridgeport, CT; and Trenton, NJ. Of course, we're not advocating packing up and taking off for one of these towns, but it is worth taking into consideration if you're feeling some wanderlust. After all, money talks, right? (Forbes)

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