Kim Kardashian’s Getting The Vogue Shoot Kanye Dreamed Of

rexusa_1897173qPhoto: REX USA/Beretta/Sims/Rex.
Anna Wintour may be a tough nut to crack, but it's not impossible. Case in point: The Vogue editor-in-chief appears to have finally caved, and will allow Kim Kardashian to be photographed for the fashion bible. According to a source, "They're in L.A. shooting her RIGHT NOW." Clearly, this is a moment for all caps.
While Kardashian — who we're now thinking went brunette specifically for the shoot — is no doubt delighted about her major fashion moment, it's her fiancé, Kanye West, who must be really relieved. The singer has been quite vocal about his desire to see his lady love land a Vogue cover. Rumor has it that the magazine's February Lena Dunham cover left him fuming and arguing that Kardashian had a bigger fan base. Apparently, someone at Vogue was listening, and Kimye have gotten their way. Yay, persistence!

Did Wintour actually change her opinion about the reality star, or did West pull some major strings?
Or, was everyone simply tired of hearing him whine? Hey, whatever works... (Jezebel)

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