Amber Rose Hid Her Tattoos For The Red Carpet

amberrosePhoto: WireImage.
Among the masses of long waves and long-sleeved, sparkling dresses, Amber Rose is one face you can count on to stand out among the red-carpet crowd. Her video-girl gowns and platinum, super-short hair make for quite a sight — in no small way aided by her extensive tattoos. As an office full of heavily tattooed individuals, we've always appreciated that she (unlike some) proudly shows them off as expressions of her life and personality, even in a formal setting. Though ink may once have been considered uncouth on a lady, we're happy that it's now becoming more acceptable to show off, if you so choose.
So, we were surprised, and a teensy bit disappointed, that Amber Rose decided to cover up her sleeves on the carpet tonight. We love that she normally shows her sleeves with pride, but we also know that she's not the kind of girl to let any sort of pressure get to her. So, we'll take this as a fashion statement and a bold one at that. Once we got over the surprise, though, we realized that this might be some kind of interesting statement. A non-accessory, if you will.
Lastly, we have one question. How did she do it? Some kind of makeup, obviously, but it's pretty incredible. You can tell there's something going on, but the blending is impressive to say the least. Ultimately, this is an example of how, while big-night dressing might not always be totally true to your day-to-day style, it can be exciting to see yourself looking totally different. She looks like a golden goddess, which is a look that many people have attempted, but few have pulled off with such natural success.

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