Google Glass Makes A Spectacular Announcement!

There’s really no quieting the conversation surrounding the immersion of wearable tech — namely when it comes to Google Glass. Whether you love it or love to lament its existence, one thing we all can agree on is that it’s changing the landscape, in the blink of an eye.
Well, Google has set the pace yet again and announced an exciting expansion to Glass: a framed iteration. We know…game changer. Not only will this shake up the vision industry by offering prescription (and non prescription) lenses and sunglasses, but it certainly adds a stylish spin on the headset. The classic shapes and subtle shades are super flattering and natural looking. Geek meets gorg, anyone? Seriously, it takes a second head turn to even notice you're wearing 'em.
The frames are an extension of Glass, designed by the Google team, and come in four classic styles and three colors for $225 ($125 for the sunglasses). Google partnered with Vision Service Provider and trained a group of eye care practitioners specifically for this. So, you know your pro is well versed. A list of Glass-approved eye doctors in major areas will be available on the site. Don't fret if you're not near a Glass ECP, you can take them into your own peeper doctor, too. Even if you aren’t a prescribed glasses wearer, we think this news is pretty spec-tacular. Click through to see all the options in action. Talk about eye candy!