How Sundance’s Golden Boy Dodges Press With Elizabeth Olsen

boydEmbedPhoto: Courtesy of Grey Goose Blue Lounge.
There are many kinds of handsomeness to be encountered at Sundance, and Boyd Holbrook's is of a rugged-ish, bearded variety. But, cuteness is not the only reason he's been compared to Joseph Gordon-Levitt, arguably the breakout male indie star of the last few years. Like JGL in the past, Holbrook came out of the festival this year with not one but two acclaimed movies' worth of buzz under his belt. We pulled him aside (with girlfriend Elizabeth Olsen, no less!) for a quick talk about staying grounded and, when necessary, fleeing the vultures.

You’re here at Sundance with two movies, right?
“Yep! Little Accidents and this, The Skeleton Twins.”


That’s pretty big. I think Vanity Fair said you were the one to watch this year because you have so many films. Does that put a lot of pressure on you?
“No, not really. You guys write the words. I just do my job.”

Now, because you have these movies coming out and you live in New York, how do you deal with your rise in fame?
“It’s so bizarre, man. It’s so weird to the point it’s funny. Why would someone pay attention to me?”

How do you stay grounded? Do you have to remind yourself of anything?
“Nah, I’m not going anywhere. It’s so bizarre. My girlfriend and me could be walking down the street and people start snapping pictures. It makes no sense. Why would you want to take a photo of me?”

Do you ever want to mess with them?
“Yeah, I’ve had the inclination to throw a snowball, sure.”

Do you wish you could have a twin?
“Yeah, absolutely, for a little while.”

And, then you’d get rid of him?
“Yeah, like a clone — something easy to dispose of.”

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