17 Fictional Friends Who Taught Us What NOT To Do

Nobody's perfect. We all make mistakes. And, sometimes, when you are a fictional character who provides inspiration and example to millions, those mistakes may be judged more harshly than they would be in real life. After all, everyone's a critic, right? Luckily, nobody's feelings are hurt, because, well, it's fiction.
As voracious readers, watchers, and consumers of media, we as a society can't help but incorporate the behaviors and attitudes of our favorite characters into everyday life. And, for every outright villain or angelic creature, there is a muddied gray area of people who are a bit of both. Enter, our roundup of fictional friends who just didn't cut it. Ultimately, we have to thank them, because they've given us some tips about what not to do in our real relationships. The thing is, a lot of these people seemed great on the silver screen or on the pages of a book, but when you think about it, they would've been kind of a drag to hang around with in reality. Hit the slideshow and you'll see what (and who!) we mean.

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