Aubrey Plaza & Matthew Gray Gubler Trade Places, Get Weird

Aubrey Plaza is so cool. The more we read about Plaza, the more we watch her work, and the more we see her unfettered thoughts, the better she gets. She is no longer just a face on Parks & Recreation, but a real, bona fide movie star, known for taking witty roles in smart movies.
And, Matthew Gray Gubler is also so cool. He is no longer just a face for his TV show (Criminal Minds, by the way), and thanks to his whip-smart social-media presence, he has garnered a good 678,000 Twitter followers and a dedicated group of fans who belong to "Gublernation." With three movies coming out in 2014 alone, his year is set to be incredibly huge.
One of those movies is the dark comedy Life After Beth, where he stars alongside Plaza herself and Dane DeHaan — with the latter two playing star-crossed lovers who have been torn apart by death and zombification.
We wanted to talk to Aubrey and Matthew about the role, resurrecting the zombie genre (pun intended), and working with great comedic ladies like Cheryl Hines or Molly Shannon. But, they had something else in mind: Aubrey and Matthew wanted to answer our questions, but only as the other person. So, we let them. Hey, who are we to hamper artistic creativity?
aubreyPhoto: Getty Images.
So, this isn’t your first Sundance. What’s it like being back and a little more established?
Gubler (as Plaza): “The six years of Parks & Rec have made me a little more poised, a little more confident. I’ve always had an interior burning confidence, though. I feel like my wings have finally spread. I just get it, you know?”
Plaza (as Gubler): “What do you get exactly, Aubrey?”
Gubler (as Plaza): “Well, I get how to really be a mover and a shaker.”
Plaza (as Gubler): “What’s the biggest thing you’ve shook?”
Gubler (as Plaza): “I’ve shaken...(long pause, Aubrey poised for his response). I feel bad. I don’t want to get too dirty.”
We don't get dirty, but we do get weird. So, what was your most debaucherous Sundance moment?
Gubler (as Plaza): “My most debaucherous Sundance moment with me, Aubrey, was when I was in the hot tub with Andy Milonakis, Riff Raff, and John Stamos — that’s all you need to know. We were listening to Tony Danza’s CD.”
That’s a lot of hair. There would be a lot of hair in that hot tub.
Gubler (as Plaza): “A lot of hair. Hot. Hot hair.”
aubrey-2Photo: Courtesy of Sundance.
Would you want to be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence, Matthew?
Plaza (as Gubler): “Would I, Matthew Gubler, want to be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence? Does best friends mean I get to touch her boobies? All I like to do is touch boobies. I’m hungry and I like boobies.”
Fair enough. Do you want to be best friends with Jennifer Lawrence, Aubrey?
Gubler (as Plaza): “I am best friends with Jennifer Lawrence. We love having our boobies touched, like, all the time. She was in the hot tub that one time, she was.”
Aubrey (as Gubler): “We touch boobies together.”
Matthew, what do you think about the fact that there are a bunch of girls obsessing over you on Twitter?
Plaza (as Gubler): “I just love all the underage girls. I prefer my fans to be underage, and I like when they send photos of themselves to me. I keep them all on my phone. I have about 7,000 photos of underage girls on my phone. I look at them all day long.”
Do you send them out?
Plaza (as Gubler): “No, I keep them all to myself.”
Aubrey, would you rather be Bella, Hermione, or Katniss?
Gubler (as Plaza): “Can you tell me who Bella is?”
She’s the one in Twilight.
Gubler (as Plaza): “You know, I’ve always felt a real kinship to Bella, but I do have to admit, I’ve had some — I’m trying so hard not to be dirty. I’d rather be Bella because I want to kiss Robert Pattinson so hard, all over.”
Plaza (as Gubler): “Don’t you want to kiss Kristen Stewart more?”
Gubler (as Plaza): “I do. Doesn’t Kristen Stewart play Bella? I’m basing this on the fact that I would get to French kiss Robert Pattinson.”
Plaza (as Gubler): “I would like to also kiss Robert Pattinson — on his penis.”
If the other one of you was dead and came back to life, how far would you go to keep them?
Gubler (as Plaza): “I’d go to the ends of the earth. I’d find an inspiration, a source of love. I just feel really like myself around him. Getting to know him these past few months has been the greatest thing to ever happen to me. I date my life now as Before Matthew and After Matthew. The second after would feel like an eternity. I would do anything for him.”
Plaza (as Gubler): “What she said.”
Not even gross, rotting skin?
Gubler (as Plaza): “I’d prefer it!”

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