Cate Blanchett Points A Finger At Red-Carpet Sexism

We all know how awkward the dreaded Mani Cam can be, but now Cate Blanchett is calling foul on another red-carpet tradition. This weekend at the SAG Awards, the E! News team approached the actress with its infamous Glam Cam, a full-body shot meant to give viewers an intimate look at stars' gowns. But, instead of striking a pose and working it for the camera, she stooped to avoid the body shot and asked the question we all should have been thinking. "Do you do that to the guys?" she exclaimed.
It's such a simple — yet phenomenally — important point. Now, sure, as Yahoo Shine pointed out, as fashion fans we don't typically want or need to see a 360-degree view of the same black tuxedo over and over. But, this is still a reminder that during awards season we collectively focus too much on wardrobes and not enough on the acting merits that brought these women to the shows in the first place. Leave it to the perennially awesome Cate Blanchett to bring this all to light. Let us know what you think below — does Cate make a great point, or is she being a little too sensitive about the Glam Cam? (Yahoo Shine)

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