This Airbrushed Hungarian Music Video Will Blow Your Mind

Guys, we can finally lay off Lena Dunham. For the latest in airbrushing gone cray-cray, we present the video for "Nouveau Parfum," uploaded last month by French-Hungarian singer Boggie (real name: Csemer Boglárka).
The video starts with Boggie appearing without makeup. Over time, her features are retouched, makeup is added, and her complexion is lightened, all thanks to airbrushing tools located on the side of the the screen. By the song's end, she looks completely different. What might have been a simple, jazzy ode to fragrance is revealed as a powerful statement on the effects of digital retouching.
Though we're certainly no strangers to egregious retouching, it's both mesmerizing and unsettling to see it happen step by step. Making the neck thinner? Changing her eye color? Continuing to retouch even after she emerges completely altered and done up? Talk about overkill. The video is obviously trying to make a point, but we'd be naive if we didn't realize that this extreme airbrushing happens in real life, too. Let's make that "real" life. (Buzzfeed)

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