The Netherlands Is The Healthiest Country In The World — Say What?

Country_Healthiest_DietIllustrated by Ly Ngo.
A recent report published by Oxfam lists the Netherlands as the number one healthiest country in the world (at least as far as eating habits are concerned). And, rather embarrassingly, the U.S, Canada, and the U.K. didn’t even make the top 10. Yeah, that’s kind of ruined our mid-morning snack, too.
The report, Good Enough To Eat, investigated the diets of people from 125 countries around the world. The study looked at food availability, affordability, quality, and obesity rates as key indicators from which to draw conclusions.
The Netherlands beat a number of European countries, including France, Switzerland, and Austria to claim the number one spot. And, as the study suggests: “The Netherlands makes top place thanks to relatively lower food prices and diabetes levels, and better nutritional diversity than its European rivals." Though, we should point out, the country’s obesity levels were high, with one in five of its population with a body-mass index of over 30.
Chad came in on very bottom of the list. The African country’s high prices and low availability of nutritional foodstuffs contributed to its poor ranking.
But, what does this mean for us? The U.S., Japan, and Canada were the top countries for affordable food. If you take a quick drive down any main drag in America, it's almost mind-boggling to see the number of dining options available. Yet, most are of the fast-food variety. And, we all know that cheap does not equal healthy.
It’s time to put down that burger and take a long hard look at the amount of processed food we really consume on a regular basis. Let’s say no to adding butter and sugar to everything, and yes to a varied diet rich in the fruit, vegetable, and protein we need to keep our bodies healthy and strong. Who's with us? (New York Daily News)

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