Drew Barrymore Proves Nail Art Is Still Alive — And We Swoon

DrewNailsPhoto: Picture Perfect/REX USA.
The jury's still out on whether nail art will continue as a beauty trend for much longer, but right now it's big, it's here, and it's most definitely happening. Glamour caught Drew Barrymore on her recent book tour with nail art and, truth be told, it's cute. As in, it makes-us-want-to-tell-you-about-it cute.
The story has a detailed breakdown of what's on every nail, so we won't spoil it for you, but let's just say that the theme of Barrymore's book, Find It In Everything, is hearts, so, you know, the manicure captures that motif. The design mix is refreshing; it's pretty; and Valentine's Day is coming so maybe it's a beauty trend for the upcoming holiday. Oh, who are we kidding? Love is in the air, so hearts on nails will be everywhere.
The edgy, bolder colors are awesome, and with a good nail pen and a steady hand, this might be achievable at home. Just be careful not to knock the polish over, and remember to replace the cap on your nail art pen after executing this look. Otherwise, you really will find it in everything. (Glamour)

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