Diamonds, Pearls, Gold — Here’s Why They’re Good For Your Skin

As Marilyn Monroe once advised, diamonds are a girl's best friend. While we enjoy a good flash of bling now and then, precious gems and other minerals have greater value than mere adornments: They can give you luminous, healthy skin.
The practice of mineral skin care is an ancient one, with women over the centuries using glittering stones to get a gorgeous glow. When used properly, minerals can correct a host of skin maladies, leaving you with a complexion that's truly something to talk about. We asked Själ Skincare cofounder and beauty expert Kristin Petrovich — our go-to expert on such matters —to provide insight on the most commonly-used minerals, and how to incorporate them for your particular concerns.
"Minerals are becoming increasingly popular in skin care," says Petrovich. "They have a multitude of benefits: functioning as trace minerals or enhancers of other ingredients, acting as natural antibacterials and antimicrobials that promote microcirculation and clarity. They can even act as semi-conductors (think of copper in batteries) to increase cellular productivity, performance, and repair."
Ready to get your glow on? Here's our ultimate guide to minerals and your skin. Ladies and gents, it's time to shine bright like a diamond.

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