Breaking Up? It’s Not You — It’s The Calendar

Has your relationship been a little shaky recently? You’re not alone — apparently, this month is the most popular time of year to call it quits. According to a new study, more couples report breaking up in January than in any other month. The study was conducted by vouchercloud, a UK-based discount website. The site was reportedly trying to figure out how relationships can affect a person's finances, but what researchers actually learned from the 1,800 participants is pretty crazy.
Over a fifth of the breakups reported in the study took place in January, which is almost double the number during any other month. (December had the second highest rate, claiming 12% of the heartbreak.) When researchers asked for details about these January splits, 62% of participants felt that the time of year was one of the causes. They noted that issues like lingering Christmas stress, financial issues, the weather, family pressures, and wanting a new start for the new year contributed to causing problems in their failed relationships. That's right: 29% of survey participants had a breakup because someone basically made it his or her New Year’s resolution to start over. (Okay, it might have been one of many reasons — but still). When asked whether they felt like their relationship might have survived if it wasn’t for the time of year, 22% said yes, and 37% said maybe.
Who knew that January could be so tough on your love life? It's nearly as brutal as this blizzard. The silver lining? Perhaps a relationship that can’t make it through these annual stresses simply isn’t meant to last. (Female First)

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