Kanye West Finally Gets His Own Religion

Really, what took the world so long to develop a spiritual orthodoxy related to the self-proclaimed "visionary," "genius," "god," "messiah," "number-one most impactful artist of our generation," and "womenswear designer"? We mean, who else in this time of crisis has the answers we're looking for? Jesus? Tom Cruise? Sway? Sway ain't got the answers, man.
Well, someone has gone and created at least the online footprint of a religion dedicated to West — Yeezianity, The Church of Yeezus — without the artist/bodhisattva's sanction. Of course, VICE has the exclusive interview with the creator (because it's VICE) and, while it turns out the whole thing started as a lark, its tenants are quite interesting. Using what the anonymous creator feels are the values West forwards in his music, performances, and interviews, he's come up with "5 Pillars" of faith that, while bordering on a narcissistic/masochistic form of objectivism, have some actual heft. Honestly, the whole interview and the Yeezianity homepage are must-reads.
Obviously, this is all an elaborate put-on, a wonderfully executed satire on both the modern state of religion and Kanye West's outsized self-regard and victimhood complex that somehow gained a strange momentum. But, really, why should it end at just that? If people can find solace and strength in following the way of the Jedi, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, or a semi-successful science-fiction writer, why not give one's faith to Yeezy? Whatever gets you there, right? (VICE)

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