Meet The Original Hipsters — Inside Brooklyn Homes In 1978

It's no secret that we think Brooklyn is amazing. More than a few R29ers call the wonderful borough home sweet home. And, while we could go on for days about its many virtues, one of our all-time favorite things is the diverse and funky pads on every block of every 'hood. Call it curious, call it creepy, but we just can't walk past brownstones without peering up to see what fabulous decor folks have going on inside. From art to lighting to crown molding, the amazing design only feeds our endless fascination.
So, naturally our hearts went pitter-patter when we stumbled across The Nooney Brooklyn Photographs, a documentary collection of pictures featuring 200 families and individuals in their homes in the late '70s. The photographer, Dinanda H. Nooney, shot the subjects and their interiors in every neighborhood from Clinton Hill to Bay Ridge. An original Selby of sorts, she not only took the portraits, but also kept meticulous index-card notes about her observations of each family.
The funny thing? Some things don't change. Bicycles mounted on the walls, cool leather couches, and oriental rugs are all there. Click through to see Brooklyn's original hipsters. Who knows, you might just meet your pad's previous tenants.

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