How Many Makeup Brushes Do You Really Need?

Whenever we interview experts, it feels like we wind up recommending hundreds of makeup brushes to get this look or that. But, even we know that you don't need a professional kit with tons of tools to execute your daily best — unless you're vying for a spot on reality TV, that is. In which case, frost that cake and get ready for your close-up.
In fact, most of us with a premium on time and counter space don't have the interest to work with a ton of beauty tools every day. This leads us to The Big Beauty Question: Exactly how many brushes do you really need?
In the search for no BS and real facts, a call was made to celebrity makeup artist Jake Bailey. Bailey, who regularly crafts looks for stars like Katy Perry, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Chloë Moretz, is one of our favorites for straight-forward advice. One morning, after coffee (we're not monsters, after all), we got him to give up the goods on the absolute essential brushes for basic cosmetics application, day or night.
In Jake's words: "It really depends on how much makeup you wear but, really, many women only need about seven makeup brushes on a daily basis." So, in all their glory, here are the beauty tools you need to put your best face forward.