Jennifer Lawrence's Globes Dress Spawned A New Internet Trend

The world is divided over Jennifer Lawrence's Golden Globes dress. While we think that J-Law looks radiant and awesome in literally whatever she wears, we can't deny the rash of polarizing reactions to last night's red-carpet look — even on our own comments page. And of course, a new meme was born.
Enter "Lawrencing," a new act in which a participant fashions a gown out of a comforter/bedskirt/any suitable white fabric, then swiftly uploads a picture onto social media. The Lawrencing trend spread like wildfire last night, with everyone from Arrow star Colton Haynes to household pets getting involved. We know it's not nice to make fun of the way someone looks, but this is all in good humor (and, we have to admit that the visual of cat-dressed-as-Lawrence is pretty darn hilarious). We can't wait for the starlet to get wind of the trend and put in her own sassy two cents. (BuzzFeed)

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