Emma Thompson Is The Original Jennifer Lawrence

Don't mean to point out anything obvious here, but Emma Thompson is a party animal, and thank goodness for it. In fact, whilst we dug through our image archives, we noticed something about her. For years — decades, even — she has been the life of the red carpet, after-party, awards show, dedication ceremony, whatever. Making faces, drinking wine, laughing uncontrollably, no matter what the situation is, and it is genius. In fact, for those people tweeting and loving her no-shoe, martini-swilling persona that flawlessly announced the award for Best Screenplay at the Golden Globes last night, she pretty much made your week. Of course, there was a lot to love. There was Jennifer Lawrence's photobomb, for one thing. But, honestly, if anybody can out-fun J Lawr, it might just be Ms. Thompson. When she's not busy being perfect in Sense and Sensibility, she is scheming up new ways to crack up crowds from here to Hollywood.
Last night's hammed-up speech is far from the first time she's behaved accordingly, so we dug deep for a few classic Thompson moments. Now, we just need to think of a nickname. E. Thomps? Yeah, we'll keep brainstorming, for now.

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