Watch Bradley Cooper Get A Laugh Attack

If Today Show host Willie Geist has never considered a career in comedy, well, maybe he should. Recently, Geist sat down with Bradley Cooper to discuss the actor's Golden Globe-nominated performance in American Hustle. Barely a minute into the interview, Cooper, for no apparent reason at all, bursts into laughter. Once the actor is in stitches, Geist, too, has a hard time keeping it together. The whole thing is pretty charming, but we're not quite sure what Geist did to split Cooper's sides? Was it his vacant death stare? Was it the actor finally realizing the absurdity that is the junket interview? The absurdity of celebrity? The absurdity of life? Whatever it was, we want more of it. The headline "Willie Geist lands variety show on Comedy Central" can't come soon enough. Check out the hilarity below. (Crushable)
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Photo: Annapurna Pictures.

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