Kate Bush Like You’ve NEVER Heard Her Before

Call us judgmental, but the first thing that comes to mind when we see a dude wearing a "What Are You Looking At Dicknose" shirt is usually not "I bet he does a mean Kate Bush cover." Leave it to Toehider's lead singer to prove us wrong. Not only does Michael Mills tackle the Kate Bush classic "Wuthering Heights" with aplomb, but the frontman of Australia's (self-described) most prolific prog-rock band also does so entirely in its original key. For a song with high notes that would make Mariah Carey's voice crack, that is not an easy task — believe us.
As it turns out, the result sounds a bit like it could've come from late heavy-metal vocalist Ronnie James Dio, which is just about as awesome as it sounds. "Kate Bush scared the crap out of me when I was a kid," says Mills. "I'm kinda obsessed with her at the moment." Well, now we're kind of obsessed with you, too.
Michael Mills' video:
Kate Bush's video:

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