Lorde & Tavi Had The Best Girl Talk, Ever

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Celebrity interviews are nothing new. We conduct them all the time; we read them all the time; we obsess over them all the time. Even the concept of celebrity interviewing celebrity isn't all that groundbreaking. Why then, are we totally geeking out today over Tavi Gevinson's discussion with Lorde in the latest Rookie story? Because, it is so much more than an interview. The 11,000-word piece (yes, 11,000!) gives intimate insight into the psyches of two talented and surprisingly grounded young women — and, it really feels like an honest conversation between two peers.
Though we're not all that surprised the two of them decided to team up for a story, but we have to give them props for having such a unique perspective on, well, life. The two chatted about everything from creative inspiration to contemporary feminism to '90s music to what it feels like to rep the so-called outsiders. And in case you were wondering, it feels weird.
"I have definitely felt that sort of pressure, and it’s strange, because while I dress and talk somewhat differently from other people whose songs are in the Top 40, I feel like more people dress like me than the media makes you believe," Lorde told Tavi. "I’m not an anomaly, so it feels weird that I get treated like one and have that pressure of 'You represent all teenagers in the Western world. No stress!' The easiest way of dealing with that is just to try not to think about what your art might mean for others. I know that sounds bad, but honestly, if you want it to be meaningful to other people, you need to just totally not even think about that part and make something that will mean something to you. Then other people will be able to live inside it too and understand it."
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If you couldn't tell already, Lorde knows how to wax poetic with the best of 'em. She also tackled the touchier-than-ever subject of modern feminism, something that cult icon Tavi knows more than a little about. Lorde makes a point that we couldn't agree with more — feminism should be something that's a part of each of us in our own everyday way instead of some "crazy alien concept."
"I think I’m speaking for a bunch of girls when I say that the idea that feminism is completely natural and shouldn’t even be something that people find mildly surprising," said Lorde. "It’s just a part of being a girl in 2013. That kind of normal, non-scary, chill vibe that you [Tavi] had with it, and that Rookie had, was really encouraging when I was like 14."
The teen wunderkinds even got into such a groove that the often tight-lipped Lorde opened up about her relationship with her boyfriend. We don't want to be nosy, but we confess to emitting the slightest of squeals when we read their exchange about true love, because it is just such a breath of fresh air. Tavi asked Lorde about her album's liner notes — in which she thanks her S.O. James for "the truest, purest friendship" — praising the beauty in seeing a partner as a friend. "This is really personal, but James and I spent a lot of time, and still do spend a lot of time, driving around all over our city, and that for me was enlightening, because for once, the company that I’m keeping is affecting how I feel about these places, and in a positive way," said Lorde. "I think that was kind of what drove me to write a lot of the stuff on Pure Heroine."
If you're looking for some inspiration on this Friday afternoon, or even just a feel-good piece, we highly recommend diving into this convo. (Rookie)

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