Kate Winslet Proves She’s Low Drama & Generally Awesome. Again.

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It's no secret we have a long-standing girl crush on Kate Winslet. For a little over 20 years, this Oscar-winning actress has delighted us with her searing portrayals of women from all walks of life. If you haven’t seen Winslet play Juliet Hulme in Heavenly Creatures then we suggest you do so immediately.
But, there’s another reason we love Winslet: her tell-it-like-it-is personality. In an age of sound bites, glib one-liners, and bland, identikit responses to the press, her singular and honest opinion on a variety of topics is totally refreshing. In fact, we’d go so far as to say it’s these pearls of wisdom she so willingly shares that we love the most about her. Check out our favorites below:
On not conforming to type: “Here's the funny thing: my life has always been, 'What's going to happen next?' I've always been a little bit non-conformist. My life is not the soap opera people would like it to be: in fact, it's not a soap opera at all. It's just life." (Evening Standard, 2013)
On parenting: "I could have lots of people, who do the cooking, the driving, all that jazz — but I would be unhappy. I wouldn't want my children raised in that way.” (Glamour, 2013)
On beauty: "The media plays such a big role in how women measure themselves against other women, so I can be in a position where I can say beauty comes from within, we're not all perfect, and the covers of magazines are of course retouched. We do not look like that." (Harper’s Bazaar, 2009)
On post-baby weight: "Having just had a baby, I'm not going to be thinking about my arse." (Glamour, 2013)
On body image: "I don't have parts of my body that I hate or would like to trade for somebody else's or wish I could surgically adjust into some fantasy version of what they are.” (Glamour, 2011)
On true love: “I still absolutely believe in true love. Marriage is about the meeting of two minds and two souls and hoping that it is going to work forever. But sometimes it doesn’t happen, and that’s a shame.” (The Telegraph, 2013)
And, if you needed one final reason to admire Winslet’s multitasking, selfless awesomeness even more, then think back to 2011, when she rescued Richard Branson’s elderly mother from a blazing fire. They don't come better than that. (Evening Standard)

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