Macklemore's New Year's Eve Performance Just Made Our Year

Granted, the year is less than 48 hours old, so this may change over time. Nonetheless, when we emerged from our bubbly-induced fugue states and took a peep at this video with clear eyes, it helped start 2014 right. Macklemore and Ryan Lewis closing out the year with "Thrift Shop" and, of course, "Can't Hold Us," in Times Square was a taste of the good, clean, old-fashioned, crowd-diving kind of pop music fun that's sorta been hard to come by these days. Oh, and given that the duo has had one very good year — they've crushed it on the charts, given thrifting the theme song it needed, starred in the year's best bridal shopping commercial, earned their own lighthearted meme — it was wonderfully appropriate. Hopefully we'll get more of this in 2014 (PolicyMic)

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