Your Month In Weird Holidays: January 2014

Welcome to the new year! It's officially 2014. Our plates are clean, hopes high, and heads a little blurry from last night's celebrations. It might not be the most opportune moment to whip out the good ol' calendar, but hey, time waits for no one, and there's a plethora of funky holidays to take note of.
January is most definitely a month to pamper yourself. All that resolution-ing needs to be rewarded, and the weird-holiday deities want you to take as many baths as possible (Rubber Duckie included). Your cat also has some questions to ask you that will somehow make sense toward the middle of the month. But, that's all water-cooler fodder at this point in the fresh year. So, while you go on and nurse whatever revelry happened a few hours ago, keep one eye on the days ahead. Or, don't, because Opposite Day happens to be this month. Or, do! Anything's up for grabs when it's Opposite Day. (We'll let ya know when we're joking, though...maybe.)

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