Obama's Favorite TV Shows Are Our Favorite TV Shows, Too

houseobamaemebedPhoto: Courtesy of Netflix.
In between budget battles and coming to terms with the calamitous rollout of his embattled health-care plan, President Barack Obama apparently finds time to watch TV. The New York Times' Michael D. Shear sifted through the president's many interviews and asides and sussed out all of the shows he likes most. And, it turns out they're the shows much of America loves, too.
We already know Obama's a huge fan of Homeland. He's also currently making his way through Breaking Bad on DVD, having already finished all of Mad Men. On top of those, the commander in chief is a big fan of Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Downton Abbey, The Wire, and House of Cards, for which he was asked to appear in a cameo.
Sure, these are all "deep," "dark," and "edgy" shows, as the Times points out, but the president is also a fan of softer stuff like SportsCenter, Modern Family, and Parks and Recreation. Glee and the Real Housewives series, however, don't make the cut. (Phew?)
Obama may or may not be the president with whom you'd want to share a beer — but, judging by this list, most of us could definitely sit down with him for an extended binge-watching session. (NYT)

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