Rihanna & Cara D. Goof It Up In Barbados

Among other things, Rihanna is known for her lavish vacations. Also, among other things, Cara Delevingne is known for her over-the-top facial expressions. We know these international babes are good friends — at one point, Delevingne was reportedly recording her album with Rihanna's producer, and it seems like things only warmed up from there. She talked about RiRi's great advice for W magazine, saying the singer helped her out when she was suffering from workaholic syndrome. Oh, and there was even a fantastical rumor that they were going to be roommates. So, when you get these two down to Barbados? Well, you're bound to get an Instagram or two.
It begins with an adorable, smiley snap of the pair goofing around and, presumably, having the time of their lives.
But, it only gets better from there. Hit the next page....
Apparently, Rihanna and Ms. Delevingne doesn't have much experience with the wild. While frolicking on a beach late at night, they had a bona-fide freak-out over a "crab." Don't worry, though. Turns out, it was just a pen. If we had a nickel for every time we made that mistake!
Seriously, though, these two are adorable together. Long live this famous friendship.

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