Britney Spears' Las Vegas Show Costs Money, But These Instagram Videos Don't

Godney, The B*tch, or whatever fandom name you might refer to Britney Spears as, is back — kind of. She kicked off her two-year Las Vegas residency this weekend and shamelessly shut the doubters up.
The reigning princess of pop's Piece Of Me show at Planet Hollywood blew up Instagram in more ways than one. Plugged-in fans across the globe were able to catch glimpses of her entire show on the image-sharing platform — that is, if you could get past all the "yass," tears of pop joy, and "oh my gawd, she's dancing" squeals. Spears' entire 15-year oeuvre was on full display and dressed up to the Vegas nines. Mixing hits like "Oops...I Did It (Again)" and "Womanizer" with offhand singles like "3," Spears proved she's still a force to be reckoned with. Or, at least, a woman whose name carries such weight that simply pulsing it in bright, shiny Sin City lights is enough to bring her gaggle of fans to their knees.
And, fall to them they did. Miley Cyrus was standing up most of the time (see for yourself after the jump), but she was kowtowing to the woman who paved the pop-cultural way for her own sexed-up visuals in our heads. Check out some of the best videos from opening night on the following pages. If anything, they'll bring a twinge of nostalgic bliss to your heart.
Video: via @itstetrisbish.
Video: via @17days.
Video: via @imryanalexander.
Video: via @derekrichardd.
Video: via @itstetrisbish.
Video: via @itstetrisbish.

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