The Champagne Manicure Is Here (In Case Your Nails Aren’t Party-Ready)

So, we already told you about the $200 Swarovski-crystal pedicure. But, fear not, we have another festive manicure option for you, even if you're not so keen on dropping a few hundo on nail appliques. Sure, it may not be quite as dazzling as a solid sheet of crystals on your toes. It's still pretty cute. Introducing the Champagne Manicure by Nailtini.
The $20 set includes two light-gold polishes, along with "micro-fine glass bubbles" to add to your tips or to an accent nail for truly NYE-worthy nails. Yes, it's a little kitschy, but we say that on New Year's, anything goes. Yes, even nails that match your cocktail. Bottoms up!
Nailtini Champagne Mani in Golds, $20, available at Tini Beauty Lounge.

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