Yoko Ono Talks About Being One Of EDM’s Most Surprising Acts

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While electronic dance music is not necessarily where one expects to find an octogenarian, Yoko Ono isn't the typical 80-year-old. The visionary has made waves in whatever media she tries — most notably music, art, and also fashion — but the woman who is best known for her work in the avant-garde now has a pretty major mainstream following. When Billboard released its Year End Dance Club Songs Chart list, the familiar names appeared: Avicii, Daft Punk, and Lady Gaga. But, on that list — twice, actually — was also ONO, the artist's musical alter-ego. Drawn from her vast catalog of art rock, producers like Pet Shop Boys and Flaming Lips have been remixing ONO's music for over a decade, giving Yoko a serious dance-music following, plus tons of critical acclaim. She talks about the remix process — and shares with us where she gets all of those incredible hats.
Do you find yourself listening to pop music often? If so, what do you like to listen to? Are there any new artists you enjoy?
"I don't listen to pop music so much."
How does it make you feel to have other people remix your music? Does remixing appeal to you?
"I love the process of remixing things myself. But, it's also nice to have other musicians asking to remix my songs."

Do you see your status as a chart-topping dance-music artist as an extension of your early artistic practice? How do the two interrelate? Has this move into dance music surprised you?

"I take dance music seriously as I took other forms of music, in a sense that I am fascinated by how daringly creative dance music can get and do."

For decades, you have always worn the most incredible and imaginative hats. What are some of your favorites? How many hats do you own?
"I have many hats. Sounds like a song! I go to many countries and cities in the world, and the most simplest thing is to take home a hat I bought. Not bulky as fun."

Did you see the spoof that someone made of you covering Daft Punk's "Get Lucky"? What did you think of it?
"Nobody told me about it. Oh, dear! I would love to see, read, listen to it."

What do you like the most about being an octogenarian thus far? What decade do you think you had the most fun in? Why?

"I feel younger and energetic than ever. I truly believe that I am going into a second life, in which I have the most fun."

In your recent interview in Interview, you said "I see the totality. I'm always looking ahead, and if there is no possibility to look ahead, then I despise that situation." So, what do you see in the future?
"Lots of fun and action."

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