A Self-Cleaning T-Shirt? This Smart New Tee Says It Can Resist Anything

Though 3-D-printed anything makes headlines almost daily, and LED wardrobes are becoming a festival staple, the most exciting wearable technology benchmark of the year may have been set by Silic, the newly unveiled, impossible-to-stain, self-cleaning T-shirt. Currently attracting major buzz via Kickstarter and Mashable, Silic succeeds on its simple premise: a well-designed shirt enhanced with the bonded nanotechnology necessary to safely rebuff liquids.
After discovering that other hydrophobic products tend to wash off after one cycle, ruin fabric, and create severe health risks, Silic's creator Aamir Patel decided to start from scratch. With help from a former Vera Wang designer, a world-class textile tech company based in the Bay Area, and newly evolved hydrophobic (and naturally antimicrobial) nanotechnology, Patel seemingly has a future classic on his hands. (Silic's $20,000 Kickstarter campaign goal has already been met by over 500% — not bad.)
When fully in production, Silic shirts will be available in white and black and keep you protected against most liquid spills for up to 80 cycles. Just what kind of spills are we talking about? Nasty ones: wine, sweat, exploding cola — the works. Watch the video above and be amazed. (Kickstarter)

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