Miley Cyrus' "Adore You" Video Teaser Is, Well, A Tease

There's not much Miley can do to shock the world anymore, but you gotta hand it to her for trying. Cyrus released a teaser for the "Adore You" video on her Instagram last night, and it looks like it's going to be yet another gyrating turn in her repertoire. The clip takes a leaf out of several venerable pop stars' books and features some pretty straightforward female masturbation, accompanied by token back-arching and soft lighting.
Of course, this is bound to be a scandal. But, honestly, we don't take any issue with what we've seen so far. Though it's actually far from the first time such scenes have appeared in mass media, female pleasure still tends to be a taboo subject. Actually, if you think about it, there aren't many songs about male solo pleasure either. Seems pretty silly to us. Getting in touch with yourself on your own time, without the pressure often brought by a partner, is the best way to understand your sexuality and learn more about yourself. Whether or not Cyrus' particular approach is productive or enjoyable or artistic is one thing, and those criticisms are probably best leveraged once we've seen the whole video. But, rather than freaking out about seeing a glimpse of a hand grazing underwear, let us all take a deep breath. Even when Miley brings the controversy, it's a subject worth talking about — and desensitizing ourselves toward.
Comments included support of Miley as a role model, recommendations for therapists to treat her "cry for help," and of course, obligatory Illuminati accusations. Oh, and in case you needed proof that making choices to show your body to more people than just one partner is still considered a heinous act, this: "Miley is so damn beautiful and talented! She doesn't have to be a slut and showcase her body to the public! I really really liked her! But my God, she doesn't have even a tiny respect for herself!"
The full video will hit the Internet on December 26. Hit the next page to see an earlier teaser.
Decidedly less provocative. Overall, though, it looks like it's in the same vein as Beyoncé's close-up, super-sexy, introspective bedroom jam "Rocket."

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